Church History

Pastor Joseph & Robbin had both served in several capacities of ministry throughout their lives. In February of 2006, after serving 8 years in a local church, the Lord spoke to Joseph and told him “I am finished with what I wanted to do in you through this church. What I sent you here for, I have accomplished. Your season here is over. If you stay another day, it will be you and not me.” These words were heavy and hard to accept at the time but Pastor Joseph, better known as Minister Davis at that time, knew it was time to move. Both Joe and Robbin whole heartily agreed with the word from God and begin to move in faith. Within the next two weeks, by the sovereign hand of the Lord, Joseph and Robbin joined Metropolitan Cathedral of Truth, in Havana, FL.  The way God moved in their lives during these two weeks was absolutely divine and phenomenal. Just ask either one of them about it, they would love to share the story with you.

Under the leadership of Pastor Kennith and Helena the Davis’s begin to grow deeper into discovering what God had in heart for them. In December of 2008, after spending much time in prayer before the Lord, Pastor Joseph and Robbin met with Pastors Kennith and Helena Barrington to discuss pastoralship and planting a ministry in Tallahassee. After several meetings with their leaders and receiving their subsequent blessing, Joseph and Robbin put in motion the plan for beginning Truth Gatherers Community Church.

On January 19, 2008, five individuals who expressed interest in joining the work of the Lord met at the home of Pastor Joe and Robbin.  The group began to meet regularly on Saturday’s at the Davis’s home, planning, praying, and discussing the vision of TGCC. This group later became know as the launch team. Soon the group expanded as other individuals heard about the new work of the Lord. The group then moved to having weekly meetings, at the Leon County Library, before moving to the McDougal House where they continued to meet on Thursdays, in which turned into the official bible study night.

By March to 2008, the launch team had picked up great momentum with the addition of several new people. On March 20, 2008, the launch team held their official launch gathering at the McDougal House. This night time event of sharing the TGCC vision and mission to family, friends and ministry colleagues was titled “Partnering for His Purpose to Reach the Harvest”.

It was official now; TGCC was out in the open and had been publicly announced as a new church in the area. The church continued to meet once a week at the McDougal House and on Saturday’s for prayer at the Davis’s.  During this time, a board of Director’s was also established. The founding board members were Michael cork, Angela Jackson, Cynthia Douglas, and the Davis’s. As the church, continued to pray, fellowship and study God’s word, the Lord continued to direct the board of directors and the Pastors on how they should move forward. During one of the board meetings, Cynthia Douglas declared “Lord, we want to have 20K in the bank before we sign a lease for a building”. The rest of the board members immediately agreed with her words. It was evident that her words were under the unction of the Holy Ghost because the presence of Lord filled the room. It was one of those moments, when you look at one another and say “whew, did you feel that?”

By early June the board of Directors, had located a lease space that they believed would be the permanent home for TGCC. Now, prior to this time the church had identified, prayed and hand picked other lease spaces in Leon County, but never moved forward on any of the opportunities because the Holy Spirit did not agree with what the board placed before him in prayer. About this time Pastor Joe was growing weary of looking for a space and meeting with realtors and property owners. After going before the Lord in prayer, informing the Lord that he could start the church anywhere, “why does this have to be so hard?” The Lord replied ‘the only reason that you are struggling over a building is because you are trying to settle.”

With this fresh outlook on working with God, the board of directors continued to look ahead. Shortly after, the building space was found, the board of directors had completed a site visit and the lease was ready to be executed. However, the church did not have the 20k in the bank as declared by faith during the board meeting. This was not something the board could walk away from in order avoid disappointing the members. The 20k in the bank was common knowledge within the church and all members were aware that we believed God wanted us to have 20k in the bank before signing a lease agreement. Nevertheless, during the Thursday bible study before signing the lease on that Friday, we took up the normal tithes and offerings and said the prayer according to Matthew 14th chapter, when Jesus held up the two fishes and five loves of bread. He looked to heaven and blessed what he had.

We did the same as Jesus that very night, only to later find out by the finance team that offerings still did not bring us to having 20k in the bank. We had hoped that the offerings received during bible study would push us over the goal but it did get us within $1,500.00 of reaching that mark. Although we were short of the goal, Pastor Joe declared that we are still moving forward with signing the lease. Later than night Pastor Joe received a telephone call from Bro Michael Cork who giving thanks declared, “Pastor, we went over our goal.” Bro. Michael explained that someone he knew had come to him several weeks ago inquiring about the church and mentioned they wanted to be a blessing.  That Thursday night, Bro Michael happened to stop by his PO Box and within the mailbox there was a $5,000.00 dollar check. This supernatural provision and timing of God continued to establish TGCC as a church that God was building.

With the 20k in the bank and a signed leased agreement, God had blessed TGCC with 6000 sq feet of space. The building already had a great floor plan but needed some TLC and a bit of renovation. Pastor Joe along with the board of directors selected Evans Construction & Development, Inc. to perform the renovation project. With their expertise, the renovation was completed in three weeks and TGCC held the grand opening of the church facility on August 3, 2008. The day was framed with the words,”Celebrating the foundation of Truth” and was well attended by friends, family and several local pastors and ministers.

In a just a short time, God has done great things and by his grace TGCC will continue to progress in God’s plan and timing. The journey continues……..