Words from Pastor Joe

Pastor JoeWelcome to the website of Truth Gatherers Community Church. Robbin and I are so glad that you have taken a moment to check us out and discover what we are all about.

I’ll just go ahead and be very honest with you. I feel that as a church, we have nothing to hide. Furthermore, as I often like to say “we are going public with who we are!”  So without any type of pretense, we want you to know that TGCC is a place where you can grow and meet great people, while loving Jesus Christ.

So, take your time and learn all about the exciting ministries, events and activities your whole family will enjoy. My hope is that our display of what God has called us to do will both enlighten and inspire you. Now let me caution you. On this website you will also get a glimpse of the layout of our vision and ministry plan. I am a firm believer that it is a curse to be trapped by today’s challenges to such a degree that one does not prepare for tomorrow. The only way to overcome the vulnerability of this curse is to walk and live by faith.  Come, journey with us. The destination is secure!

Blessings and favor.